Assorted Beads
Jumbo Pacific's Raw of Materials comes from a variety of handcrafted wood, coco, shell, bone and many more just to mention a few. It may come in variety of colors and designs as preferred by the need and requirement of the customers.
JPRC041 - Crazy Cut Coco Chunky color natural-tiger brown.

JPRC042 - 4mm Coco Pukalet color black. Also available in different colors.

JPRC043 - 4mm Wood Beads color red. Also available in different colors.

JPRC044 - Square Cut White Clam Shell color violet. Also available in different colors.

JPRC045 - Saucer Shape Limestone color brown. Also available in different colors.

JPRC046 - 2-3mm Coco Heishe in cream color. Also available in different colors just state your desired colors.
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