Jewelry Boxes collection was made from the high quality materials known from nature. All jewelry boxes beautifully hand-made from the world-class shell crafters. Proudly made in the Philippines.

Code: JPJB037 (Pirate Jewelry Box)
Size: 76cmL x 38cmW x 40.5cmH
Big Jewelry Box made of wood covered with MOP in brick design and red velvet inside.


Code: JPJB038
Size: 15.5cmL x 10cmW x 6cmH
Box with cracking Nautilus shell finish.

Code: JPJB039
Size: 5.2cmL x 4cmW x 3.2cmH
Blue / Green box with Abalone cracking design finish.


Code: JPJB040
Size: 5.3mL x 4mW x 3.2cmH
Pink box with Abalone in craking design finish.

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