Exquisite furnitures any of the tall, treelike grasses comprising the subfamily Bambusoideae of the family Poaceae. More than 75 genera and 1,000 species of bamboos have been proposed in botanical literature.










Bamboo 3 seater (FB0011).

Bamboo Furniture Origin and Information:

Bamboo house are built not by architects, but by the people who will live in them.  They are built by the community that will live around them.  “Folk houses are not the product of any theory design, but instinct, intuition, common sense and communal memory.  Their form has been defined by climate, site, purpose, available materials, building technology, historical experience and world view.”

Because bamboo demands its own craftsman, not all carpenters can build a bamboo house. A nail hastily placed will splinter the whole culm, and only experience gives the eye that can pick a mature reliable bamboo post.  And what sort of knowledge is it that enables a builder to construct a house without a meter stick and yet cut eloquent proportions on a wonderfully human scale?  The bamboo itself becomes the means measure – the nodes on a fully-grown bamboo are evenly spaced – and the builder uses it with an skilled eye and a seasoned hand.

Within the basic traditional structure of the bamboo house the builder owner is free to innovate, to amend features to fit the way he or his family lives.  He may bring new materials, alter patterns, modify features, augments, embellish, enhance. Form follow function, but function follows form as well, and in constructing the house is always open-ended. A project never really finished, because when the bamboo gives way or need changing, parts of the house can be replaced, reworked, redesigned to accommodate changing needs. It has been called the ideal house for the tropics, but is the bamboo house passing away? Not entirely, though the of life for which the bahay kubo evolved is itself becoming a thing of the past.  A dwindling supply of bamboo has also contributed to its diminished use as building material.

But true to its nature, the bamboo house is adapting to the needs of its owners. Screens are installed in windows to keep out bugs.  And researchers and technicians have developed a board consisting of bamboo sandwiched in layers of a resin as an alternative to plywood. Whatever form the new bamboo house takes, we must hope that the common experience of building and the communal memory of living will continue to inspire a dwelling as suitable to the new way of life, as charming and distinctive, as our bamboo house.
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